Miracles still hppen

Today I want to give testimony yesterday a little boy , only 3 and a half years of age fell into a swimming pool here in out little small farm town in South Africa. You see even though it is a small community we have a strong belief in God , we also have an amazing community watch. Because here in South Africa we do not have a government that is very reliable and our police service and government hospitals are in a very bad state so we as a community have our own emergency training and we keep watch over our own people. Especially will all the farm murders we have.

Well yesterday we got a terrifying call over the radio a mother screaming in horror for help with in minutes our medical team was on scene, they loaded the boy into a vehicle and rushed him to a private hospital the only hospitals that have the equipment to help. while on the way one of our team members constantly gave the boy cpr. When arriving at hospital the boy started showing little signs of life .

However because the parents don’t make alot they do not have the finances for medical aid and before the Hospital would allow the boy to be admitted to the hospitals icu they wanted R72 000!!

Now in South africa that is the price of a new small car. With in an hour the whole community stood together praying and every opened their hearts and wallets. An hour later some of our member took the large amount of cash through to the hospital and he is now stable in icu.

The Doctors say he was at level 4 as a drowning victim that means he would not have made it if we as a community weren’t there to intervene and if God did not allow us to do his work. Even though he is not out of danger and they will be checking for brain damage today.

I am full of hope because the devil wanted this boy to drown but God stopped him by sending our medical team and then the devil did not want the boy to get treatment and again we showed him and we all came together and stopped him.

Please pray for the little boy and that we will be able to get more financial support for him as the costs for all the scans and treatment is even more.

I am so grateful to be part of this community we love and support each other.


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